Product Range

Himalayan Salt Product Categories

We mine and manufacture Himalayan Rock Salt into various products for different uses – from Edible Salt for use as a Food Additive to Salt Bricks and Tiles for Décor and Meat Preservation. Below are the different categories of Himalayan Salt products we manufacture and within each category we manufacture various sizes and variations.

We also welcome innovative ideas and suggestions for new Himalayan Salt products!

Edible Salt

Himalayan Salt can be used for cooking, baking, or as a finishing salt and is a healthier choice than regular table salt, as it does not contain any environmental pollutants or anti-caking agents. It is also popular among food manufacturers with it being used as an ingredient in chocolates, protein bars, butter, and much more.

Salt Plates

Himalayan Salt Plates/Platters/Blocks are a great way to serve food on or to use it as an alternative to pans to prepare food on, as it adds unexpected texture and flavour to meals.

Other Culinary

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses have gained popularity among people who like a hint of salt in their drinks. Any type of beverages can be enjoyed in the salt shot glasses.

Salt Bricks & Tiles Salt

Himalayan Salt bricks and tiles have become quite popular to construct salt rooms in spa, saunas, and houses which provides many benefits to users such as alleviating stress and improving respiratory conditions.
Himalayan Salt bricks are also being used by butchers and alike to create Himalayan salt walls for curing meat – the salt acts as a natural antibacterial element and helps the dry-ageing process, therefore this results in the meat becoming tender and enhancing the flavour of the meat.
Other uses of the tiles and bricks are for decoration in hotels and houses.

Bath & Massage Salts

Sitting in a bath that is sprinkled with a handful or two of Himalayan Bath Salts are a good way to detoxify and can help ease and relax tired muscles. Also, Himalayan Salt has become popular amongst beauty brands, as it is now being used in products such as shampoos and creams etc.

Salt Lamps

Our Himalayan Salt Lamps are manufactured by expert craftsmen into various sizes and shapes using 100% Himalayan Salt and we can fit them with the following bases: wooden, marble or plastic.

Salt Candle Holders

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders are an excellent way to add ambience to a room and release negatively charged ions.


We manufacture the following aromatherapeutic products: Aroma Diffusers, Foot Detoxifiers, and Neti Pots.

Animal Lick Salts

Himalayan Salt Licks and loose Himalayan Salt Feed or Chunks are an excellent source of essential minerals and trace elements for animals such as horses, sheep, cows, deer, and ponies etc.

Industrial Salt

We manufacture a range of white Rock Salt for industrial use such as for de-icing roads and sidewalks, for use in the oil and gas industry such as for drilling fluid and brine production etc., for water softening treatments, and for fish processing.

Food Manufacturing (White Rock Salt)

We manufacture a range of Food Grade white Himalayan Rock Salt to be used in Food Processing applications such as curing olives and pickles, fermentation of vegetables, meat processing, and much more. To view our Pink Himalayan Salt Range please visit our Edible Salt page.