About Us

Who We Are

Nature’s Salt is one of the leading Himalayan Rock Salt and Industrial Salt (rock & sea salt) mining and manufacturing companies in Pakistan with offices in Lahore, Dubai, and London to serve our customers around the world. Our company has been mining salt from the second largest salt mine in the world: the Khewra Salt Mine, for the past few decades. We manufacture a range of rock salt products in different colors: pink, light pink, dark pink, red-orange, white, clear halite, and black (kala namak). 

We follow and implement international standards in our business operations from mining to manufacturing to packaging to exporting – for us the health and safety of our employees and the quality of the products our customers receive is of utmost importance, and we always ensure that the salt is mined and produced safely and efficiently.

Nature’s Salt exports its products to be used in various industries such as spa, food, agriculture, de-icing, oil & gas, chemicals production (soda ash, caustic, and chlorine), and other manufacturing.


Order Customization

Nature’s Salt understands that different businesses have different requirements as to how much and types of products they want to order. Therefore, we are fully flexible to your (our customers’) requirements, as you can customize your order and packaging to suit your business requirements – there are no limitations or restrictions.

We also offer end-user packaging solutions – Customized Packaging

Why Choose Us

Excellent Prices

Our pricing is competitive that ensures a good return on value for our customers.

Customer Service Excellence

We are customer-centric, and we work closely with our customers to understand their requirements and then advice and supply products accordingly.

Quality Products

From mining to manufacturing to packaging to exporting we take a
range of measures to ensure that the quality of the salt is
not compromised, and our customers are satisfied with their order.