Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses & Other Culinary

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses have gained popularity among people who like a hint of salt in their drinks. Any type of beverages can be enjoyed in the salt shot glasses.

Key Points

– The shot glasses are made from 100% Himalayan Salt.

– Reusable: Himalayan Salt is naturally antibacterial so there is no need to use soap, the shots can be simply rinsed and dried with a cloth. Then should be stored in a cool dry place.


Variations and Sizes

The table below shows the different shapes and sizes of culinary we manufacture, but we are able to manufacture other shapes and sizes too.

Product code

Product name

Size (cm)

Size (inches)


Shot Glass

H: 7.62 x D: 3.81cm

H: 3” x D: 1.5”


Shot Glass

H: 8.5 x D: 5.08cm

H: 3.34” x D: 2”


Serving Plate

H: 3.81 x D: 15.24cm

H: 1.5” x D: 6”


Salad Bowl

D: 15.24cm



Mortar & Pestle

H: 7 x D: 15.24cm

H: 2.75” x D: 6”


Mortar & Pestle - Round

H: 12.7 x D: 10.16cm

H: 5” x D: 4””